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PA Vacancies in Carmarthenshire

Job RefTown/areaPost (click post to select)Closing Date
SJ/KO/Carms1LlanelliPersonal Assistant17 Mar 2015
SJ/KO/Carms2LlanelliRelief Personal Assistant 17 Mar 2015
SJ/HD/Carms13CarmarthenPersonal Assistant4 Mar 2015
SJ/CAE/Carms6Ammanford areaPersonal Assistant4 Mar 2015
GG/DH/Carms2Carmarthen areaPersonal Assistant5 Mar 2015
GG/HC/Carms2LandysulPersonal Assistant10 Mar 2015
SMG/SME/Carms1WhitlandRelief Personal Assistant12 Mar 2015
MJ/DJ/Carms1Whitland Personal Assistant18 Mar 2015
SMG/DAJ/Carms2Ammanford AreaPersonal Assistant9 Mar 2015
SMG/MCT/Carms1LaugharnePersonal Assistant5 Mar 2015
GG/VD/Carms1LlansteffanFemale Personal Assistant26 Mar 2015
GG/NP/Carms1Llandysul Relief Personal Assistant26 Mar 2015

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